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From Best Man to Worst Man

10 Things to Avoid When Planning Your Speech.

It’s that time of the year – wedding season is almost upon us and we couldn’t be more excited! We love that weddings are all about celebrating romance and unity, but we can’t deny that we also love to get dressed up, eat and drink to our heart’s content, and dance the night away. Spending the day with friends and family watching two loved ones tie the knot is wonderful – with so much happiness in one room, what could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, quite a lot! For the groom, one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the evening is when the best man starts his speech…


12 Tips for a great wedding speech

12 Tips for a Great Wedding Speech

A dozen tips for a great wedding speech

Did you hear about the best man that made the brides mother cry during his speech? Unfortunately they weren’t tears of laughter! Or the groom that spoke for 75 minutes during his speech, yes he spoke for 1 hour and 15 minutes, and he didn’t even notice that half the room were in the bar by the time he finished, ordering the free drinks the groom had laid on to escape the boredom.
As a DJ, Wedding Host & Master of Ceremonies, Anthony Winyard of Anthony Winyard Wedding Entertainment has heard hundreds of speeches and has witnessed the good, the bad and the very, very ugly. Here are a dozen of his tips to ensure that you’re the cool person remembered for delivering a fantastic speech rather than the person that put no effort in and told embarrassing stories!


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